Second Screen Platform

Our second screen development platform includes customizable consumer-facing applications and template-based solutions that can be hosted on mobile, on tablets, connected TVs or within websites. This includes features such as Twitter ‘firehose’ access and global multi-platform, multi-device campaign management and analytics.

HMTL5 Development

We develop cloud based HTML 5 Applications that are all integrated with our backend content management system and centrally managed through our CONNECT platform.

From this central hub, we can customize both local and global second screen campaigns , offering real-time insights, segmentation and statistics per territory.

Second Screen Features

  • Responsive design, enables scalable development of all applications and optimized design for every ‘ smart’ connected device available
  • Seamless way to add dynamic content to existing brand assets, applications enhanced without multiple adaptations
  • Companion app experiences can be localized without complete re-development
  • Integrated with social framework to facilitate viral promotion, social sharing and discovery
  • Live interactive play-along, with multi-player backend management
  • Synchronized user experience over multiple devices
  • Brand continuity
  • Data centralization
Our HTML5 second screen templates are cost efficient, enabling you to easily publish and re-format content to any device.


The Second Screen platform seamlessly integrates various product tools to help you:-

  • Activate your audience
  • Amplify brand message
  • Drive social gaming experience
  • Visualize your social conversations
  • Capture all social engagement in one environment
  • Drive e-commerce opportunities