The voting platform behind global formats like American Idol, The Voice, Dancing With The Stars and more, we provide vote solutions for broadcast, digital, online, in-app, and social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Messenger.

From mass scale real-time voting and visualizations to simple self-service polling solutions, we have a range of products to meet different requirements and drive participation on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as mobile voting campaigns and more!

Online Voting

In a social TV First, American Idol gave fans a chance to get their 15 seconds of fame. During the live performances, fans’ Facebook profile pictures displayed in real-time on air to show their support for that performance. This was achieved by capturing real-time vote data when fans used Facebook login and approved the use of their profile images.

Our robust online vote products provide a highly scalable global vote solution, with full verification and authentication. Secure login through social (Facebook), email, online ID or client single sign on applications.

Cross-Platform Experiences

All our solutions are HTML5 and fully mobile optimized, enabling seamless integration into any digital, mobile or social format, and reaching audiences across any device.

Sentiment Tracker

Fans are able to share their passion and respond in real-time to on-screen events with a live reaction buzzer.

Social Hashtag Voting

Instagram hashtag voting acts as a great platform to target younger demographics and includes votes from public profiles.

Fans post an Image or Video using specific hashtags and keywords which is then counted as a validated vote.