For over 12 years Telescope has led the way in voting for TV, brands and sports leagues. Our vote solutions evolve with the changing media landscape and offer audiences and fans ways to interact in real-time across multiple platforms, directly impacting tings that they are passionate about.

For clients, we offer the most powerful voting platform which has supported the largest global  vote campaigns with record breaking results. All votes are powered by our technology platform Connect Live which offers the high levels of capacity and throughput across the industry and provides secure, validated results.

High Impact Voting

  • Proprietary technology delivers highest capacity vote platform

  • Powered world record voting volumes

  • Authenticated, verified results

  • Scalable, real-time solutions

  • Global product

  • Cross-platform - Online, SMS, Toll Free, App, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Search

Video Voting

  • Part of our award winning vote solutions

  • Integrates video from multiple channels

  • Fans can upload video direct via our FLEX tool

  • Real-time ranking & vote verification

  • Share and reach fans across social networks

Share to Vote

  • Make voting more social

  • Vote results based on number of social shares

  • Automated sharing across multiple social networks

  • Drives viral reach

  • Real-time ranking

Hashtag Voting

  • Hashtag Voting solutions across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Recently launched Twitter Card authenticated¬†vote solutions

  • Industry leading scalable and verifiable social voting products

  • Powered in real-time through our Connect Live platform

  • Drives social trending

We retain audiences and deliver record breaking results