As the leaders in live streaming technology, our video production company has the creative & technical expertise to execute your vision, with complete solutions for live broadcast, digital and social video. Take a look at our 3 Step Guide to Optimize Your Live Streaming Strategy.


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Choose the Distribution Plan That’s Right for You

  • Facebook – FB’s algorithm prioritizes live video content generating 6x as many interactions as regular video content.
  • Twitter / Periscope – optimized for the mobile first generation with 80% of users accessing via phones.
  • YouTube – the world’s 2nd largest search engine with over 1B users, primed for content discovery and a destination for live video.
  • Twitch – popular amongst gamers, Twitch brings in 10M daily active users with an average watch time of 106 minutes.
  • Instagram – with over 1B active users, 80% of people actively follow business accounts.

Consider Hosts and Talent

  • Encourage influencers to promote and post your content beforehand to drive reach around your broadcast.
  • Have a clear plan with incorporating talent.

Work with Partners

  • Include sponsors for monetization opportunities.
  • Use branded content tools to drive visibility and data capture.

Create Anticipation

  • When streaming on FB or YouTube, use scheduling tools to attract an audiences ahead of time.
  • Tease content and start the conversation with audiences early (i.e. polls, comments, trivia).
  • Optimize your post copy – tell your audience why they should watch you live.

Optimize Your Media Buy

    • Have a clear strategy for organic reach and paid media.
    • Optimize your flighting plan – pre, during and post stream.
    • Target your core audience and reach new fans.

Think About the Duration of the Stream

      • Consider your media strategy and audience engagement to optimize the duration of your stream.
      • Plan your content accordingly to maximize your ROI.

Check the Music

      • Avoid issues with music in your stream.
      • Clear music and check publishing rights before going live.

Double Check All Technical Details

      • No matter how good your content is, you need a flawless technical approach.
      • Test internet connectivity thoroughly before going live.
      • Use hardline internet with minimum upload / download speed of 10mpbs for best results.


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Your Live Checklist

      • Think Mobile First
      • Inform your Audience with a Clear CTA
      • Build Audiences / Create Anticipation
      • Engage, Engage, Engage
      • Drive Comments Create Reach
      • Utilize Live Polling & Trivia
      • Offer the Chance to Win
      • Involve Your Fans


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    • Post Copy – Update your post copy and title to reflect the VOD content.
    • Analyze Data & Analytics – Measure, track and analyze your live streams.
    • Expand Reach – Re-target your audience after the stream and continue the conversation with your viewers.
    • Optimize your Content – Create highlight clips form the stream for social media to continue to drive conversation around your brand.


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