Vertical Video is the dominant video format

  • Facebook garners 8 billion video views per day and started supporting native 2:3 video format
  • Snapchat gets 10 billion vertical only video views per day
  • Periscope live broadcasts are measured in years watched – with 110 years worth of video watched per day, mainly in the vertical format
  • Instagram has 300 million daily active users and gave vertical video the indefinite shotgun (Magnetic).


Vertical Video is Inherently social

  • With 100M+ daily active users, Snapchat has already proven that users are not only more willing to capture more content, but also willing to consume video without having to rotate their phones (Huffington Post).
  • In 2017 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube decided to remove black bars on vertical videos, to give users a more pleasant experience (Postcron).


Vertical Video adds authenticity to your brand's story

  • Vertical video takes up the entire mobile screen on your phone, which provides more real estate to tell a richer visual story (Huffington Post).

Vertical Video is already optimized for mobile

  • Research shows that we hold our phones vertically 94% of the time (Forbes)
  • By 2019 72% of mobile traffic will be video content (Tubular Insights)
  • 26% of media consumption will be mobile by 2019 (Tubular Insights)


Vertical Video is more likely to catch the attention of your fans

  • Millennials are 2x as likely to be focused on video they watch on their mobile devices as they are on video consumed on a TV. (Huffington Post).
  • Vertical video ads are watched all the way through 9 times more than horizontal video ads on Snapchat.(Huffington Post).


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