Telescope Launches “LIVE STUDIO,” an Integration with Facebook Live

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Telescope Launches “LIVE STUDIO,” an Integration with Facebook Live


Telescope’s Live Studio Production Suite Provides Real-Time
Interactive Applications for Facebook Live

Los Angeles, Calif., April 12, 2016 – Telescope, the award-winning technology company that powers real-time participation and social experiences, launched Live Studio, an end-to-end production management platform designed exclusively for Facebook Live.  Telescope has an unparalleled track record working with the biggest brands in television to engage their audiences via their real-time technology platform, and now they’re bringing that expertise to Facebook Live to create a dynamic viewing experience like never before.

For premium content owners and creators, Live Studio offers a complete solution to manage and produce Facebook Live streams, and further engage audiences through a range of social tools, presenter feedback and live graphics display – creating a truly immersive and interactive live content platform for entertainment, news, sports and events.

Live Studio’s producer console enables you to instantly connect with your viewers through real-time curation and moderation of the conversation, integration of followers direct into a live stream, discovery and display of trends, and features to gauge audience feedback in real-time such as dynamic polls. All content can be published to the live stream with a range of graphics templates and custom graphics solutions.

“Live TV is at the heart of what Telescope does and we’ve spent the past 15 years educating producers on how to drive audience participation around their content. We are now able to take the technology we’ve used on major broadcast events such as American Idol, the VMAs and the NBA Finals and offer it to Facebook Live content creators globally as a scalable and cost-efficient solution,” said Jason George, CEO of Telescope.  “We’re at a tipping point in how content is created and distributed and our belief is that Facebook Live is going to be a major player in the new content ecosystem.”

In addition to its audience-specific solutions, Live Studio offers compatibility for multi-cam outputs, allowing producers the freedom to switch to where the action is in real-time and react to audience feedback on different camera streams. It also has the capability to sync with other broadcast systems, and provides a full suite of analytics tools – so producers can see where, when, and how audiences are interacting with their content.

About Telescope

Telescope works at the intersection between content and audiences – providing solutions for media businesses to create, publish, and monetize content to reach a modern consumer base quickly abandoning traditional methods of consumption. An industry leader in real-time participation and unique native social applications with a focus on video solutions, we ensure brands connect to fans in innovative ways by delivering relevant interactive content and deeply engaging social experiences.

Our suite of digital products and social marketing platform, Connect Live, enables clients to curate and display rich user generated content, deploy 24/7 applications or real-time campaigns, and reach new audiences through a range of social amplification tools. Our technology powers the most demanding and highest-profile campaigns across TV, entertainment, sports, news, brands and live events — with record-breaking results. Our fully responsive solutions are built to function on any platform or device, and can reach your audience wherever they are.

Based in Los Angeles, with offices in New York and London, we are entrusted by the world’s largest media brands and social platforms – including Facebook, American Idol/FOX, The Voice/NBC, Miss Universe, CNN, NBA, NASCAR, Sprint, Sprite and more.