Telescope Launches new Engagement Platform built for scale

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Telescope Launches new Engagement Platform built for scale

Los Angeles, March 2019 – Telescope, a leader in audience engagement, is launching Campaign Manager a new self-service engagement platform focused on the increasing need for digital marketing teams to easily create, scale and manage cost-effective mechanics to enable consumer interaction and build a direct relationship with target audiences.

Direct consumer engagement is becoming more and more of a focus for media organizations and brands alike, along with real-time metrics to measure and quantify value. Campaign Manager is geared towards this ecosystem - helping marketers deliver integrated services that can be managed across different teams, produced faster, delivered more efficiently and at a premium level of quality.

Campaign Manager Apps are custom-built to premium requirements with brand specific features but once set up, clients can scale up an infinite amount of campaigns across their organization, with multiple users in different teams. With its highly customizable framework, the platform offers a better way to manage digital campaigns with an initial focus on voting and polling, sweepstakes, UGC content and trivia experiences.

Telescope has identified that many clients want solutions that can be tailored to their specific needs – such as integration of other applications like Single Sign On registration and reporting tools, the ability to embed in any digital application and custom domain integration. For media clients increasingly focused on supporting D2C subscription businesses and new ways to attract and keep advertisers, this is key.

“Getting real-time feedback from consumers now plays a significant part in the marketing mix.” Jason George, CEO of Telescope, commented:“We are constantly searching for ways to help our clients to develop that direct dialogue with their audience and give them insights that help them meet their commercial goals.Campaign Manager empowers clients to more easily manage engagement campaigns, scale up their output at a fraction of the cost, and centralize their data across their organization.”

Campaign Manager is fully compliant with GDPR, offering the highest standards of data protection, multi-language and localization support. It is a robust solution for global organizations like the BBC where it is already deployed to power voting and polling across all digital platforms and drive registration to BBC ID.




  • Self-service platform – simple to set up, run and manage multiple campaigns

  • Highly configurable framework to customize your branded campaigns

  • Flexible CMS to change content and design on the fly



  • Intuitive and user-friendly workflow with minimal training required

  • Multi-user support with controllable permissions structure

  • Easily deployable amongst multiple teams



  • Includes integrated Social Sharing and cross platform publishing

  • Display/On Air integration available for publishing results and data to viewers



  • Real-time metrics

  • Analytics tailored to client requirements with option for multi-language and localization support

  • GDPR compliant for enhanced privacy protection


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