Telescope is Turning 20

Written by: Ho Son

Industry News

2002 was a crazy year. 

Tom Brady was a young man, starting his ridiculous career as the Patriots defeated the (then) St. Louis Rams 20:17. 

Ross and Rachel welcomed their daughter Emma into the world. 

And Kelly Clarkson wins the first American Idol

Like Kelly, Telescope was waiting for  "A Moment Like This." 

Telescope began as a company managing the votes for American Idol, back when you would vote on your Motorola T191 or Nokia 3310. Since then, Telescope has survived two recessions, a pandemic, and countless breakups between JLO and Ben Affleck. You could even say that these events have made us... " Stronger

But as we look back on the past twenty years, we can't help but realize that Telescope would not exist without our clients. We've been so fortunate to be a part of  many awesome campaigns  - we even made a video about it. 

What we're saying is - " My Life Would Suck Without You ."

But at Telescope, we want to return to doing what we do best – looking forward. 

We pride ourselves on adapting to the constantly changing climate, and we're equipping ourselves to join you on your next adventure, wherever that may go – even the metaverse or whatever "verse" we need to go to. 

So here's to 20 years - we can't wait for what's in store next!