Our Favorite Responses to Walkers’ ‘Choose Me or Lose Me’ Campaign

Written by: Team Telescope



Our Favorite Responses to Walkers’ ‘Choose Me or Lose Me’ Campaign

As you might already know, earlier this month we launched  Walkers’ ‘Choose Me or Lose Me’ campaign . The iconic British crisps brand is asking their fans to vote for their favorite flavors or risk losing them to a new one.

“The campaign is based on the importance of snacks to British consumers, and the opportunity to have their say” – said Thomas Barkholt, marketing director at PepsiCo.

Smoky Bacon, Salt and Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail are all under threat, as each of them is pitted against a new fancy flavor, including; Lime and Black Pepper, Paprika and Bacon and Cheddar.

It seems that Brits are taking this vote very seriously (as they should), with some of their favorite signature flavors being at stake, although there are a few who are open to the possible change. Here are some of our favorite responses so far from the social media vote off.

Do you feel passionately about the future of Walkers crisps? Cast your vote now on Walker’s Facebook page or Twitter using the hashtag #ChooseorLose. If you don’t want others to know which packet you’re voting for, you can also do it secretly on  Walkers’ website . The Walkers “Choose Me or Lose Me” campaign will run from 14 August to the 22 October, so there is plenty of time to get organized to make sure your preferred flavors are here to stay.