Instagram Live: Best Practices for Live Streaming on Instagram

Written by: Team Telescope



It isn’t just Instagram’s 1 billion active users that make it a “must have” part of any brand strategy, it’s how engaged those users are with its content. Vertical video is at the heart of this and growing, making it the perfect fit for IG’s mobile-first audience.

With over 70% of users under 35, Instagram’s audience skews younger and for them, authenticity really counts. So one of our key recommendations is to make Instagram Live a key part of how you connect with your fans. It works and from there you can build a broader video strategy.

Instagram Live Best Practices


  • The combination of Live + Stories is a powerful mix. With 400 million active users daily, it’s clear people love their Stories…

  • With the right strategy and creativity, your live broadcasts can enhance and fuel content for Stories – leading to increased brand loyalty and more demand for your content and products.

  • 60% of users say they discover new products on Instagram. With shoppable video coming soon we’re big believers in the power of video on the platform as a direct sales tool. Watch this space…


  • A great Instagram Live Strategy always takes advantage of the “limited time” nature of the stream.

  • Unless you offer replays of your videos, remind your audience they only have one chance to join your broadcast.

  • Make them feel like they can’t afford to miss out, they’re more likely to sit up and pay attention!



  •  Promote that you are going live ahead of time.

  • Planning multiple live broadcasts? Let your fans know and ask them to turn on their push notifications.

  • A great way to boost your viewership is to promise one-time-only promotions while you’re building hype for your stream.

  • Use Instagram Stories – a short series of stories with details about your upcoming broadcast builds excitement and engagement

  • Remember, not all viewers will join at the same time. Use the ‘pin comment’ feature to give your fans some context around the stream.


  • Focus on how you capture your content to work well for vertical framing.

  • Use your live broadcast to give viewers something they can’t get from your regular Instagram account; go behind-the-scenes, reveal new products or feature a special guest.

  • Build engagement with viewer interactivity such as live questions, demos and watch & win mechanics.


  • Once your live video ends,it will no longer be available in the app, unless you save it and share a replay of it to your Instagram Stories for 24hrs.

  • Or save it as a Story Highlight and it can always be available for your followers.

  • Make sure to plan your LIVE videos accordingly, if you want to replay/post in Instagram Stories.