Metallica’s Facebook Live Video Draws in over 4 million views

Written by: Team Telescope



Metallica’s Facebook Live Video Draws in over 4 million views

Every music live streaming project we work on is different and unique with Metallica’s being no exception. The band wanted to give viewers a real inside view into their rehearsal before opening the tour in Baltimore for the North American leg of the “WorldWired” 2017 tour.

Titled “Now That We’re Live”, the live show invited fans to grab their tablets and mobile devices (or sit by a computer) and catch a glimpse of the all-new massive production they put together.

“We are psyched to share some of our rehearsals and final pre-production run-through with our friends around the world, and we hope you’ll come hang with us as we fire up the engines for the North American Summer run,” said drummer Lars Ulrich about the online event.”*

The stream had a real authentic feel, showing group members warm up the stadium stage with a full-scale rehearsal performance. A great mix of old and new songs gave viewers a feel of a private event just for them achieving over 136,000 reactions, 37,000 shares and 28,000 comments on Facebook. Telescope’s team also created custom graphics for each song’s title to further add to the experience.

Being a long-term Facebook partner, and as one of the first companies to integrate the donate button feature in our live streams, meant we also powered Metallica’s fundraising efforts during the stream.

We were delighted to enable the All Within My Hands Foundation, which the band unveiled earlier this year, to raise over $3,000 during the live stream. The funds raised will provide support for school music programs, food banks and “a cross-section of national, local and Bay Area charities that the individual band members support”.