Muse Uses Facebook Live Video to Broadcast Their Concert

Written by: Team Telescope



Muse Uses Facebook Live Video to Broadcast Their Concert

We had so much fun working with Muse and powering their recent concert in Austin on Facebook Live, with over 1 million fans tuning in online. Fan engagement is our specialty, but never before have we worked on a project where the viewers are given the chance to decide a set list live during a concert.

The audience loved it! Thousands of people casted their vote on Facebook to help influence the set list, with the results revealed via an animated on-air graphic.

The top three clear favorites were: “Bliss” (over “Plug In Baby”), “Stockholm Syndrome” (over “The Handler”) and “Undisclosed Desires” (over “Dead Inside”), which the band then included in their performance.

This not only made the concert feel much more personal, but the audience was also far more connected to what was happening on stage.

Seeing comments from places that the band has never toured before and making them feel a part of it was a great experience.

Muse also opted for the live video scheduling feature, which allowed their fans to receive a reminder for the live feed and interact amongst themselves as well as share their excitement with the band before the concert.

The performance was a full-scale production – sound, video, lighting, etc. Our team worked hard coordinating and optimizing the production to make sure that the live video would sound and look as great on Facebook as it did in person.

The end result was excellent with 143,000 reactions, nearly 90,000 comments and over 20,000 shares on the stream. Muse’s fans thanked the band for the experience: “Shout out to the person at the soundboard tonight! This audio is flawless”, read one comment. “A huge thank you to Muse for putting this gig on Facebook, I’ve loved every minute of it” added a fan, “Best concert ever” summarized another viewer.