Why You Should Create Consumer Voting Campaigns

Written by: Team Telescope



Why You Should Create Consumer Voting Campaigns

The growth of the consumer voting phenomenon can be attributed to the success of many reality shows and some of the most memorable marketing campaigns in recent years. Even millennial media websites such as BuzzFeed are populated with numerous reader polls covering a variety of topics and debates from the best pizza toppings to people’s favorite anime character.

Driving Engagement

When a company engages their customers, they draw them closer to a brand – it’s a pathway taken by nearly every business in their journey towards success. It helps to create loyalty, brand ambassadors and ultimately drive sales. Now that consumers are in a constant online dialogue with brands either through their website or on social media, the need for authentic content is greater than ever. Companies who often incorporate voting components to their marketing campaigns know the effect on engagement these practices bring.

Online attention spans are shorter than ever, with an average reader only spending about 37 seconds reading an article or blog post. Content creation through online voting is not only short and sweet, but also highly engaging for a reader.

Getting Instant Feedback

Thanks to the digital era we live in, getting feedback from your audience on various questions is easier than ever. Whether being part of the decision-making process and voting on new product flavors, or simply stating a preference towards your favorite Disney princess, people love giving their input.

Developing Unique Content

Content marketing is about creating interesting content people actually want to engage with, which goes hand in hand with consumer voting, where consumers not only get to take part in it, but also analyze the results.

Did you know, user generated content is a great way to push Millennials further down the conversion funnel, especially since they trust it 50 per cent more than any other type of media.

Also, if you ask around, it would probably be hard to find a person who has never participated in an online poll. Depending on the topic of interest, we all love sharing our opinion, especially if this means being part of the conversation with the brand we love. Also, on the flipside we are also curious to find out how the rest of the world perceive certain questions, and whether or not we agree with the majority, or if our responses are more uncommon?

Therefore, it’s no wonder that 78 per cent of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing.

Whatever your approach and products or services you provide – customer engagement through voting can take you far. Have a look at  Campaign Manager , our newest technology platform for creating your custom voting and polling campaigns.