Voting for Television and Entertainment

Written by: Ho Son



The idea of connecting with your television audience through live voting is great and all, but what if your event isn’t a game show or contest? 

The good news is that even if you’re not hosting the next America’s Got Talent, live voting can still skyrocket your engagement, add major value to your ad space, and even “liven up” non-live events. 

Here’s how: 

Boost Your Engagement and Your Ad Value With Live Voting 

Let’s face it: people like to judge.

Fortunately, outside of the realm of game shows and contests, there are still plenty of ways to let your audience weigh in with their opinion. 

For example, Mountain Dew and Billboard partnered up with Telescope to produce the live streaming concert series “Crowd Control” in hopes of capturing the attention of the hip-hop, live experience, and social media loving Gen Z audience. 

Throughout the show, “Crowd Control” breaks were incorporated within each show, giving fans in the venue as well as viewers at home the opportunity to engage with the headlining artists in unique ways in real time.

Here’s how we did it:

Multi-Streaming: Crowd Control was streamed on multiple platforms simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter, and Billboard’s website for maximum audience reach.

Twitter Poll: Viewers had the ability to cast their votes through a live Twitter poll to determine the opening song of the night.

Hashtag Vote: Online fans used the hashtag #MtnDewCrwdCntrl to vote for their favorite audience outfit in the “Style Cam” competition. The winners of this competition and their friends joined the performing artist on stage for the final song along with an exclusive backstage meet and greet. Additionally, fans used the same hashtag to send their messages and song requests through Facebook comments and Twitter to artists.

The results? Across the board, the Crowd Control series outperformed Billboard branded content benchmarks and campaign KPIs.

Namely, we garnered press from more than 30 outlets including Billboard, VIBE, Complex, Uproxx, USA Today, People, MSN, AllHipHop, HotNewHipHop etc. In fact, the mass coverage resulted in over 1.9 billion press impressions.

And, since the name of the advertising game is to get your offer in front of as many eyes as possible, engagement and coverage like this can skyrocket the value of ad space for networks that add a live component to their big events. 

Live Events Vs. Non-Live Events

While it’s easy to see how voting can help give live events an exciting boost, they can also take non-live events up a notch.

The only difference? 

Voters can engage whenever it’s convenient for them while still driving traffic to wherever your event is being hosted throughout open voting windows. 

This can be a great way to add some urgency to a non-live event, and it gets people talking about and sharing your content. 

Interested in livening up your next televised event with live voting? 

Talk to one of our engagement experts to see how it can work for you.