Allstate's Concacaf Gold Cup Trivia Challenge & Sweeps

To bring excitement and elevated fan engagement to the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup, official partner, Allstate, turned to Telescope to power their in-stadium Gold Cup Trivia Challenge & Sweepstakes.

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The CONCACAF Gold Cup made an exciting comeback in 2021 after the postponement in 2020 due to COVID-19. As eager and loyal fans were ready to fill up the stadiums once again, Allstate (official partner of the Gold Cup tournament) looked for methods to elevate engagement for the die-hard fans cheering from the stands. Partnering with the agency Octagon, Telescope brought immersive engagement solutions directly into the stands during each live match by powering Concacaf & Allstate's Gold Cup Trivia Challenge and digital Scratcher sweepstakes.

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During the halftime of each match, The Gold Cup Trivia Challenge was promoted in-venue, in which users were prompted to text "ALLSTATE" to an SMS short code. In response, fans received a link to play along where they were presented a registration page that required users' full name, email, zip code and phone number prior to playing.

Registered users were then put to the test via three trivia questions utilizing Telescope's customized InQuizator product, followed by a 'thank you' page tied in with Telescope's instant win Scratcher for a chance to win a $50 gift card. All fans had to do was scratch away at the sweepstakes image on their screen, instantly revealing if they were a winner.

Telescope then sent out SMS messages to the winners for an easy retrieval of their prize.

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InQuizator : The Gold Cup Trivia utilized Telescope's customized InQuizator product, adding a spin to our original product allowing fans to get notified of their correct and incorrect answers with each trivia question

Scratcher : a fun way to reward fans via instant win sweepstakes by enabling users to 'scratch' away digitally to reveal if they had won

SMS Messaging : Telescope managed the SMS bounce back campaign, as well as the messaging for delivering the winners' gift card information