AMAs Favorite K-Pop Voting

AMAs utilizes Discord to reach a new Fan voting audience



Breakthroughs happen when the right partners come together. That's exactly what happened when the American Music Awards (AMAs) and Discord teamed up to launch a new award category: "Favorite K-Pop Artist". By bringing together the world's largest fan-voted awards show with the popular voice, video, and text communications service, fans across the globe were united in a seamless and engaging way.

As the AMAs always look for ways to enable fan connection, they created a Discord server for the show. Fans not only voted for their "Favorite K-Pop Artist" on the AMAs Discord Server, but they also engaged in channels created for nominated artists and the genres of music recognized by the AMAs. These channels are still active and will continue to be hubs for conversation for years to come.


This first-of-its-kind music award show voting activation on Discord continued the AMAs' commitment to partnering with top social media platforms for fan voting. Past voting partners have included TikTok, Twitter, Google Search, and more.

To bring the "Favorite K-Pop Artist" award category to life on Discord, the AMAs partnered with a developer to build a custom Discord app. Fans were able to cast up to 22 votes per day for their favorite K-Pop nominees, including BLACKPINK, BTS, SEVENTEEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and TWICE. They did so over a three-week period leading up to the event. To validate the vote and provide authenticated vote totals, Telescope was brought in. To ensure that fans were respectful of each other, a team of moderators monitored conversations within the Discord server.

The Discord vote campaign and AMAs Discord Server are perfect examples of the impact that can be made through the effective use of technology and community management. The team's hard work in making sure the app was accurate, as well as their collaboration with multiple parties to moderate the server’s content, showed their collective commitment to delivering an enjoyable experience for fans.


  • AMA partners with Discord to create a bot that counts votes, regulates comments, and connects to Telescope via API

  • Telescope manages all the data flowing through

  • Millions of votes were registered in net new channel


The result was impressive. Millions of votes were cast via Discord for the "Favorite K-Pop Artist" award, and the AMAs Discord server attracted over 133,000 unique members during the campaign’s three-week flight. The AMAs Discord server still has six-figure membership and K-Pop fans continue to return daily to catch up with their fandoms. Whether it's voting for their favorite K-Pop artist or connecting with others over a favorite music genre or potential artist of the year, there's a chat happening for everyone.