Small Axe Virtual Event Hub

To help promote Small Axe, the new anthology series that streamed to Amazon Prime Video, Telescope provided a destination hub for the film series and its digital content utilizing our customizable Virtual Event Hub product.

Chef Nyesha video on Small Axe hub


Small Axe, the British anthology series that was created and directed by Golden Globe winning filmmaker Steve McQueen, was released and streamed to the US on Amazon Prime Video. To help promote and increase buzz around the series on launch day, Amazon and Crown & Conquer turned to Telescope for an all-in-one unique destination hub featuring Small Axe and variety of digital content surrounding the film utilizing our immersive Virtual Event Hub product. Navigating this multi-page hub, film buffs everywhere indulged in on-demand video contents and multitude of digital content including articles, allowing users to dive deep and get informed on all things Small Axe and its ode to Black joy, resilience, and culture.

 Small Axe virtual event hub home page
 The Conversation panel video
 Digital Zine page


Once users entered this deeply engaging hub, they were presented with the 'Home' page that gave them a brief introduction to Small Axe along with the official trailer video for the film series. By clicking on the 'Videos' page via top navigation bar, users had the ability to watch two videos that were produced and edited by Telescope. The first being a cooking segment featuring Chef Nyesha Arrington in which she walks through West Indian cuisine and another of a panel engaging in topics of the Black experience and the resiliency that has defined generations of bravery and persistence. A downloadable pdf to Chef Nyesha's recipe was linked and the panelists' image as well as bio were displayed below the video to give users further insight.

The 'Digital Zine' page presented users with the "Small Axe Anthology Zine", a dynamic digital piece of content in which users were able to download and read. Furthermore, 14 articles and recipes were laid out below allowing users to freely click through and read as they pleased.

Small Axe digital zine articles and video interstitial


  • Virtual Event Hub product allowed users everywhere to effortlessly engage, gain further information and get inspired through all things Small Axe and its related content. The variety in content gave users plethora of options and the ability to engage in their preferred interest, enhancing audience retention and engagement.

  • Custom design work to Virtual Event Hub to match the 'zine' look and feel of the series.

  • Both videos displayed were successfully produced and edited by Telescope, incorporating interstitial slides and lower third graphics that mirrored the brand.