Amazon Upload Twitter Live Stream

For the launch of their new show, Upload, the Amazon Studios team turned to Telescope to power a remote Q&A with the cast and host, Conan O'Brien

Welcome to the Upload Q&A slate with a picture of the cast in a VR headset.


Amazon Studios' brand new show, Upload, hit TVs across the US in May of 2020, right in the middle of COVID-19. Since the traditional red carpet or press day seemed unlikely, they decided to instead celebrate the release (and encourage users to watch the premier) by streaming a remote Q&A with the cast of Upload, the show creator, Greg Daniels and have it all hosted by famous comedian, Conan O'Brien.

screenshot of Zainab Johnson and Conan O'Brien in a Zoom call during the Q&A
picture of Robbie Amell the star of Upload talking on the Q&A
screenshot of Allegra Edwards and Conan O'Brien in a Zoom call during the Q&A


Due to the unprecedented circumstances , the Amazon and Telescope teams only had two days to coordinate the entire production with all seven guests currently living all across the US. Telescope full managed the remote production, custom graphics and coordination of the livestream as well as the direct output to Twitter.

Desktop and Mobile views of the full cast and Conan O'Brien


  • Full production and coordination between all 7 on air talents in only 2 days.

  • In addition, Telescope incorporated commercials provided by Amazon Studios into the live stream as well as custom graphics such as logo bugs, standby slates and countdowns.

  • The broadcast was streamed to the Amazon Upload Twitter Events Page, where users could stay after the live stream and tweet along with the cast while watching the show.


The stream was hugely popular and drove users to tweet about the show. The stream also encouraged users to stay around for the Twitter watch party with the cast.

2.41 million






Promo of the Q&A on Instagram, intro slate, and screenshot of the countdown and upload cast.