Casey's General Store Rewards Match-Up

Casey’s General Store put their most popular snacks head to head against one another in a match-up bracket vote to let the people decide what is the greatest snack of all time.

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Casey's General Store was looking for a fun and interactive way to engage their existing Casey's Rewards members, as well as sign up brand new members through a month long bracket vote. Users did not need to be an existing Rewards Member to participate or be entered into the grand sweepstakes but they were encouraged to join in order to receive the weekly coupon prizes after each round.

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Pizza is the champion


Casey's patrons were encouraged to head over to Casey's Reward hub where they could sign into the bracket and vote for their favorite snacks. By signing up and voting with your first name, last name and email, the user was automatically entered to win the grand prize of free pizza for a year! Users could then vote up to 10x per day as well as share the bracket on Twitter and Facebook for an additional 10 votes per day per social platform. Each valid vote entry was equal to a sweeps entry - making it clear to every participate the more they voted and shared, the more chances they had to win.

After each round, the percentages were revealed and the winner proceeded to the next match up, eventually leaving the final all time favorite snack - pepperoni pizza! In addition, after the winners of each round were revealed, coupons that could be used inside Casey's stores were released for that round's winners too all existing Casey's Reward members - encouraging those playing along to be sure to sign up for the program in order to get their weekly rewards.

Casey's Rewards Bracket vote on mobile and desktop


  • Round by round Bracket Vote

  • Round by round percentage results revealed

  • Opt-In for re-marketing purposes

  • Link out to Casey's Rewards hub for enrollment into the program

  • Real time access to vote totals during the campaign


The real winner...Pepperoni Pizza!

But in reality, this fun play along experience was an:

  • Excellent conversion tool for new Member Reward sign ups

  • Successful data collection for re-marketing purposes for the brand

  • Consistent high volume performance throughout the life of campaign for strong round over round returning participation



Round 4 vote, percentages and final winner announcement