Celebrity Jackbox: Games & Giving

Mission Control Media turned to Telescope for a full remote production service to stream Celebrity Jackbox: Games & Giving which featured a new crew of celebrity guests weekly for a fun game night in for a good cause.

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In light of the recent global pandemic, Mission Control partnered with Telescope to host a biweekly Celebrity Jackbox: Games & Giving live stream in hopes to provide comical relief during this unprecedented time and raise money for various organizations helping to combat COVID-19. Every week, the hosts along with a new crew of celebrity guests (and surprise guest dogs) were brought in to play Jackbox Games while it simultaneously streamed to Twitch , YouTube , Facebook , and Mixer, reaching a variety of audiences on each platform. Viewers were able to play along, listen to humorous interactions among their favorite celebrities, and donate to charities such as World Central Kitchen, Children's Hospital of Pittsburg, Greater Chicago Food Depository, and many more. In addition to donations made by viewers, Jackbox Games made a donation of $100,000 to the featured organization each week, totaling to ONE MILLION in donations.

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Celebrities with host live stream
celebrities playing game live stream


Telescope provided full remote production services as well as remote editing. Our operators were in close communication with the host through earpieces and remote teleprompters. Real-time comments were pulled from the stream where fans were given shout outs on air via the host, allowing viewers to see the live reactions from celebrities.

Viewers were able to play along and vote for their favorite celebrity guest answer while they were able to watch the reveal of the winners and losers of interactive Jackbox Games in real-time.

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  • Full Remote Production including a remote teleprompter for seamless shows

  • Multi-platform stream: streamed simultaneously to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Mixer for wide audience reach

  • Utilized a remote Master Control Room for live switching for audience retention

  • Custom animated graphics

  • Interactivity with at-home audiences where viewers were able to join in for a fun and engaging game night with celebrities and host

  • Included donation CTAs (organization links) within a graphic to encourage viewers to donate


 Shorty Social Good Awards Finalist logo

    Best Use of Games

  • Best Influencer & Celebrity Partnership

  • Best Use of Live Streaming Video

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