Channel 4 Real-Time Moon Landing Live Stream

YouTube Live and Facebook Live streaming experience celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NASA Moon Landing

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Real-Time LIvestream for Channel 4


Channel 4 and Little Dot Studios were looking to engage more viewers for their documentary programming about the moon landing.  For the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, Little Dot Studios produced 6-days’ worth of content made up from the NASA Video and Photography archive, as well as visual reconstructions to accompany unedited audio between Mission Control and the Apollo 11 crew.

Little Dot Studios turned to Telescope for advice and enlisted our live streaming services to help replicate the historic event.

live stream image of orbit path
Channel 4 YouTube promo image of man walking on the moon
image of astronaut stepping down ladder to moon surface


To replicate the Apollo 11 mission, LDS produced 6 days’ worth of archive content in 2-hour segments.  Telescope live streamed the footage and provided 24/7 support throughout the 6-day event.

We utilized our Live Studio platform to power one continuous stream of the pre-recorded footage to YouTube Live and a daily stream to Facebook Live .

YouTube live stream image and in phone live stream image of Moon landing


  • Live streaming: Telescope’s Live Studio platform powered the continuous 6-day stream to YouTube Live as well as 6 consecutive daily streams (each 24 hrs long) to Facebook Live.

For clarification for viewers, the stream contained graphics labeling it as “Archive” footage, as this replicated event could not possibly be using a live video feed.



Globally, Channel 4 ranked #3 for ”moon landing” video views achieving more views than CBS News and NASA live streams, and also had the most viewed Moon Landing Live Stream.

livestream images of astronaut's view from spaceship looking down on earth