The City of Coral Springs COVID-19 Live Streams

The City of Coral Springs utilized the capabilities of Live Studio streaming platform while integrating with Skype for remote conferencing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Mayor of Coral Springs and crisis management council member discuss community updates via Live Studio and Skype


The City of Coral Springs remains one of Telescope's longest running Live Studio licenses since their integration in 2017. Recently, with the outbreak of the COVID-19, Coral Springs, FL started hosting weekly Facebook Live Q&As about the virus and the city's response. Coral Springs has in the past, and continues, to utilize many of Live Studio's capabilities such as custom broadcast graphics and questions to air from Facebook comments. However, we recently helped them additionally integrate Skype to enabled guests to conference in from the safety of their home without additional hardware.

Question to air text at the lower third over live stream
custom lower third graphic with phone number for viewers to call
Question displayed on air in lower third over stream from mobile phone


The City of Coral Springs (FL) livestreams are broadcast to their city's Facebook page where it allows their residents to easily tune-in and engage with expert guests and local officials (such as the city's mayor) by asking they might have in regard to the coronavirus or the city's plans via Facebook comments. With circumstances changing rapidly, the city's goal with these livestreams is for the residents to retain an accurate source of information in real time straight from the experts themselves. Coral Spring’s Live Studio integrated with Skype allows guests to conference in effortlessly, while maintaining a smooth and clear back and forth between guest and host from remote locations.

Coral Spring Facebook post announcing scheduled date of stream and image of mobile version of live stream with dual screens and at home viewer comments.


  • Seamless integration with Coral Springs' Facebook Page.

  • Skype Integration: Through Skype integration we were able to allow Coral Springs the ability to have experts and city officials conference in remotely in real time during the livestream. It also allows Coral Springs to have multiple remote guests on at the same time within the same broadcasting screen instead of simply one at a time for a more interactive Q&A between host and guest.

  • Comments to Air: The at home audience is able to ask any pending questions and have them answered by experts in real time by simply leaving a comment. Experts can then pick questions they desired to answer via the moderation tool and display the questions in the lower third of the broadcast while answering live on air.

  • Text overlays: Coral Springs also integrates with the built-in graphics suite to include important information such as phone numbers for the community to call should they witness price gouging or the business information hotline.