Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Telescope partnered with Crunchyroll to deliver a custom online voting experience for their Anime Awards.

Crunchyroll Anime Awards


The Anime Awards vote consisted of a global Audience Vote and Judges' Vote. The Anime Awards site supported nine different languages with 24 categories, as well as nine additional territory specific categories.

The vote included two phases, with Phase 1 being the Judges’ Nominations. Judges submitted up to five write-in nominees per category to determine the nominees for Phase 2. Judges were allowed one ballot submission for the duration of the voting window.  

Phase 2 included voting from both the audience and judges. Fans worldwide, along with the Judges who participated in Phase 1, got to vote on their favorite nominee in each category to determine the winners. Fans could vote daily during the voting period, while Judges were allotted one vote per category for the duration of the Phase 2 voting period.  

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For Phase 1 of the Anime Awards Judges’ Nominations, Telescope built and hosted a stand-alone website to collect Judges’ profile information and their nomination ballots. Telescope generated and provided unique access codes that Crunchyroll distributed to judges to access the site. The site supported nine languages, serving the user with the language set by their browser (if supported) or default to English. Users could change language at any time using the dropdown language selector at the top of the page. 

After logging in with their access code, judges were prompted to enter some biographical and professional information, as well as upload a photo that would later be used on Crunchyroll’s website to promote the Awards. After submitting their profiles, judges completed their nomination ballot, which consisted of five write-in fields per category across 24 categories. Judges were required to enter at least one nominee per category, or explicitly “skip” the category to submit their full ballot.  

The Judges’ nominations were used to determine the final nominees for Phase 2 Audience and Judges' Vote. 

In Phase 2 of the Awards vote, Telescope supported two versions of the site. The first was for the fans, which included email or phone number login methods and several other special features. The second was for judges, which continued to be accessible via unique codes. Telescope also built custom headers and footers of both sites to match Crunchyroll’s site, making for a seamless integration within the larger Anime Awards website.  

The fan and judges votes were path matched to Crunchyroll’s website to ultimate determine the winners of each category. After voting closed, the sites will remained in a post-vote closed state until the Anime Awards Show on March 2., 2024. During the closed state, viewers could continue to view the category and nominee info.

Crunchyroll Mobile Voting


  • Custom online category vote 

  • Logins with mobile phone number or email address and unique access codes (Judges’ Vote)

  • Available worldwide, with support for nine (9) languages: English, Japanese, Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese 

  • New features (Audience Vote only): 

    • Resubmit Previous Votes: allowed users to review their previous submission and resubmit all votes with one click 

    • Shareable UGC Download: generated and downloaded to the user’s device a shareable image representing the key art from the nominees the user voted for in either vertical or horizontal format.


Telescope's collaboration with Crunchyroll built on the success of previous year's votes to develop enhancements to the overall user experience to drive additional engagement, sharing, repeat participation and Awards Show tune in.

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