DC FanDome Fan Wall

DC FanDome Hall of Heroes, a global 24 hour virtual event for all things DC, utilized Telescope's fan engagement services to unite fans all around the world.

opening of DC FanDome Hall of Heroes with Fan feed


On August 22nd, Warner Brothers held a one-of-a-kind virtual experience surrounding all things DC for 24 hours. In order to successfully unite all DC fans, Warner Brothers turned to Telescope to maximize fan engagement and enhance social visualization utilizing our Fan Feed and Social Wall products throughout the global event. DC fans from all around the world tweeted #DCFanDome and other DC related tweets to be featured on the fan wall next to their favorite DC content.

DC fandome panel and fan feed
DC FanDome fan feed
DC fandome panel and social wall


DC FanDome Hall of Heroes virtual event allowed fans from around the world to experience and participate in all things DC no matter where they lived. For 24 hours, fans had the ability to watch hours of DC content, view exclusive footage and trailers from upcoming films and games, be the first to hear huge announcements, and much more. While they were entertained with exciting panels and their favorite DC characters, they had the ability to interact with other like-minded DC enthusiasts and get featured on our fan feed and social wall by simply tweeting #DCFanDome or other DC related hashtags. Desktop viewers saw either a single column, auto scrolling Social Wall on the right-hand side of the stream or a two-column Fan Feed with the ability to scroll through approved DC FanDome related fan tweets based on whichever browser they utilized. On mobile, users had access to link out to the Fan Feed to view accumulated fan content while simultaneously listening to the stream.

Moderators across the globe, covering 7 languages continuously approved content for 24 hours, ensuring content remaining fresh throughout the life of the event and coinciding with the appropriate subject or focus within the livestream.

mobile dc panel and fan feed


  • Social Wall and Fan Feed united and featured DC fans all around the world, allowing their voices to be heard for 24 hours

  • Products were customized to match DC comic-book branding, personalizing elements such as color, font, shadows, and even an inclusion of speech bubbles

  • Moderation supported the collection and display of 7 languages to create a truly global event

  • By simply tweeting #DCFanDome and other related DC hashtags, it increased fan interactivity and participation, buzz, and promotion of the event


  • #DCFanDome was top trending on Twitter for the first 6 hours of the stream

  • Total tweets brought in via Moderation: Over 2.6 Million

  • Fan Feed users: Over 1.2 Million

  • Peak Users: 290k+

DC Fandome social wall and fan tweets