DiGiorno vs Delivery Twitter/Periscope Live Campaign


DiGiorno was looking for a new way to drive home its message about the benefits of its baked-at-home pizza products over delivered pizzas from restaurants.


We worked with Twitter, Reach Agency, and Nestlé teams to power a live stream on Periscope incorporating some exciting features. The live broadcast captured two different perspectives: using a pizza delivery app versus warming a DiGiorno in the oven.

To encourage viewer engagement during the stream the campaign utilized Telescope’s real-time hearts meter. Periscope also made a special customisation to it’s hearts functionality for the campaign with the pizza emoji appearing every few hearts.

The video was streamed in vertical format, making it a very unique campaign.

Finally, the brand was also giving away coupons to a few viewers who engaged during the live broadcast by commenting using the campaign’s #sweepstakes hashtag and filling the heart meter.

DiGiorno vs Delivery Twitter/Periscope Live Campaign


The campaign generated over 9 million views and over 104k hearts with thousands of viewers commenting on the stream.

DiGiorno vs Delivery Twitter/Periscope Live Campaign