Facebook Football Awards


Facebook wanted to show that it is the place to have meaningful conversations about football, give fans a reason to spend time on Facebook, and show clubs and footballers that Facebook’s scale and reach means that it is the place to reach fans online.


Facebook & Telescope partnered to launch the first ever Facebook Football Awards, which was delivered globally in six different languages. Using a variety of Telescope’s online vote products, fans voted on numerous categories across players, managers, team and clips. Telescope created high quality content that encouraged football fans to vote for their favorite players while encouraging them to watch the awards show.


The campaign drove exceptional engagement: Over 90 million impressions, including over 1 million votes cast from 206 countries, helping to grow Football on Facebook’s page by 31% (typical growth 5-7%). 120,000 people viewed the awards show, one of the most successful live stream events globally for Facebook. The voting app alone delivered almost 3,000 hours of additional time spent on Facebook – equivalent to 122 days.