DuPont Live Commercial

Full production and live stream integration into a live commercial

Live stream of 3D printer printing a prosthetic hand


DuPont launched a new branding campaign tagged “Invent a better n:ow” to position the 217-year-old company as an innovative source of products that transform industries and people’s lives.

The campaign featured a first-of-its-kind live commercial that integrated video from a Telescope-powered live stream to showcase DuPont’s materials and push the concept of “now” to focus on real-time events as viewers watched the commercial.

Movie camera pointed at 3D printer
Control room with TV monitors showing color bars and 3D printer
Three people standing by TV lights looking at a monitor


DuPont’s live commercial could be viewed on their official website.  It included a segment featuring the real-time 3D printing of a prosthetic hand. Telescope worked together with R/GA and Imposium on this unique experience. We handled full production of the live stream, which was incorporated into the live commercial viewing experience.

Full production: Telescope provided all production aspects (location scouting, 3D printer research, etc.), staff, and equipment to film the live segment.  Telescope ran a number of tests to make sure that the 3D printer, lighting, set design, camera angles and lenses were just right for the 27-hour long live stream. The idea was to make it feel cinematic with an ‘it’s happening now’ element.

Live Streaming: Telescope powered the live stream using our award-winning streaming software, Live Studio . The stream included custom on-screen graphics showing the location of the set and how long the printing process had been in action. To fully execute the project, Telescope hardwired a separate internet connection that guaranteed the speed and bandwidth required to integrate into DuPont’s live commercial.

3 images: Mobile view of DuPont site to watch live commercial, closeup of wristwatch displaying time, 3D printer printing a prosthetic hand


Full production: Telescope provided all production aspects for the live stream

Live Streaming : Live Studio platform integrated live stream into DuPont's live commercial in real-time


The event really helped create excitement and awareness around the rebranding of  DuPont. The live stream generated millions of views and kept fans coming back to experience the unique dynamic personalization of the location and time as well as view the 3D printing process in various stages of completion.

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