Uber Elevate Live Stream

Full production with live streaming to YouTube

Uber Summit panel sitting on stage


The third annual Uber Elevate Summit convened the world’s foremost urban air mobility experts and collaborators in Washington D.C.

Continuing with the successful partnership from the previous year, Telescope was brought in to fully manage the production of live streams for Uber’s YouTube channel and capture content from all individual sessions across the 2-day summit.

Nikhil Goel speaking on stage
Convention hall with booths
Eric Allison speaking on stage


Full Production & Live Stream:  Telescope’s team of expert live stream producers worked with Uber every step of the way ensuring flawless production during the event. Utilizing the award-winning  Live Studio software , we seamlessly powered two days worth of live video content.

VOD Content: Telescope captured all individual sessions and announcements from the 2-day conference and edited high-quality videos including adding closed captions and creating custom graphics

Attendees at summit


Full Production: Production team captured all sessions across 2-day summit

Live Streaming: Telescope’s team handled live streaming to Uber’s YouTube channel and the Uber website

VOD Content: Produced 18 hours worth of content, adding graphics and closed captioning for Uber’s YouTube channel


We delivered a high-quality live experience powering over 18 hours worth of content on YouTube, which was directly fed to Uber’s website. This production included some of the best experts in aviation and transport industries and was an excellent way to bring the third annual Uber Elevate summit to a global audience.

Panel of speakers sitting on stage