Engaging Fans Online with Spotify and Khalid


Spotify wanted to create a unique promotion for the launch of Khalid’s new album FREE SPIRIT and worked with Telescope to produce their first ever livestream event. Set against the backdrop of The Row’s rooftop in DTLA, over 300 of Khalid’s top Spotify fans enjoyed an exclusive and intimate concert which we filmed and streamed to Facebook Live.

Telescope worked with Spotify to craft the content strategy and distribution plan for this activation, as well as producing the live stream concert and creating a range of additional social video content to promote the new album.


The campaign consisted of two elements – live production and streaming of the intimate concert, plus capturing interviews and behind the scenes footage content with Khalid and creating a range of social video content for IGTV and other platforms.

Live Stream Production 

live video productionTelescope provided an end-to-end service handling all elements of video production and streaming for the event. This included managing location logistics, providing internet and connectivity solutions, pre-production, AV requirements, all production equipment, streaming technology and building small video village on site.

The Facebook Live event was live-streamed using five cameras covering multiple angles to give the fans online a feeling that they were a part of the show. We shot a variety of content and optimized for both 16:9 and 9:16 formats, ensuring Spotify could deliver an optimal experience to their audience across multiple platforms.

Through Live Studio – our award-winning live streaming platform and production unit –  we worked with Spotify to build an audience and drive awareness and engagement before, during and post the live stream. Mechanics included scheduling the post, live comments visualization and moderation, and real-time branded graphics.

Video Content Creation

Telescope created a variety of video content for Spotify’s various marketing and promotional needs. With a specific focus on mobile optimization, all social videos were shot in a vertical and horizontal format. This created a fun challenge for the production team but ultimately led to some great and original output. Telescope’s approach is always – Right Content. Right Platform. Right Solution.

The array of social media content included; bite-sized Instagram stories, feature-length IGTV videos, Facebook feed videos and social media ads, which were delivered across Instagram and Facebook.

Live Stream Results

Second most viewed video on Khalidʼs FB page

  • Total Views: 687,800
  • Post Engagement: 17,642 Comments: 4,175
  • Shares: 1,121 Reactions: 13,056
  • Love: 8.7K Likes: 3.8K Other: >1K

Audience Growth

  • 24 Hours After Stream: New Likes: 1,831
  • New Follows: 1,468
  • 7 Days After Stream: New Likes: 10,343
  • New Follows: 12,023
  • From Stream To Date: New Likes: 31,554
  • New Follows: 35,046

Note: There were 12K page views on the day of the stream. Since then, only two days have surpassed: April 5th: 15K (Album Release Date) April 8th: 20K (Free Spirit Music Video Release Date)

Growth Rate

  • Post-Stream Likes Growth Increase: 15%
    New Likes in the two weeks before the stream: 24,321 New Likes in the two weeks after the stream: 28,014
  • Post-Stream Follower Growth Increase: 8%
    New Follows in the two weeks before the stream: 29,286 New Follows in the two weeks after the stream: 31,660

Social Video Content 

  • Maximized ROI for Spotify through a content lifecycle and production assets beyond just the live stream
  • “Free Spirit” Album video is the 5thmost viewed the video on Spotify’s Instagram/IGTV, and 2ndmost engaged video (comments)
  • The video has also delivered approx. 140,000 views across Facebook and Twitter

The Final Numbers 

  • “Free Spirit” has reached over 1 billion streams on Spotify
  • The artist recently hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with “Free Spirit.”
  • First R&B album to reach no. 1 on Billboard in a year
interactive video

‘Comments to Air’ example on the live stream

live video production

Logo graphics integration on the live stream example

live video production

(March 25, 2019 – Source: Getty Images North America)

live video production

(March 25, 2019 – Source: Getty Images North America)

Live streaming production

live video production

live video production

live video production

live video production