Spotify's Khalid Live Stream

Fully produced live stream and post production content to promote the release of Khalid’s album "Free Spirit"

Facebook Live stream screenshot with Khalid performing on stage


Spotify wanted to create a unique promotion for Khalid’s newest album Free Spirit and worked with Telescope to produce their first ever live stream event. Set against the backdrop of The Row’s rooftop in Downtown LA, over 300 of Khalid’s top Spotify fans enjoyed an exclusive concert. Spotify turned to Telescope to craft a content strategy and distribution plan for the activation as well as had us produce the live stream concert and create a range of social media content to promote the album.

Film crew on rooftop surrounding the music artist Khalid
Khalid on stage performing in neon green jacket swaying in one direction with one leg up
Film crew on rooftop with video equipment pointing towards a rooftop stage


The activation consisted of two elements, the live production and streaming of the concert and content capture of interviews and behind the scenes footage to create social media content for IGTV and other social platforms.

Images of Khalid doing interview with film crew and performing on stage with social post overlay graphic


Facebook Live:

  •  Prescheduling the live stream notified Khalid’s Facebook followers to tune in

  • Brought together his worldwide fanbase to view this exclusive event

  • Live Studio’s engagement graphics gave fans their 15 seconds of fame

 Full Production:

  • From content strategy to postproduction content creation, Team Telescope provided end to end solution to bring this event to life

  • On-site videographers captured behind the scenes content for social promotions after the event


Second most viewed video on Khalid’s Facebook page with 687,800 total views, 4,175 comments, 1,121 shares, and 13,056 reactions.

Social Video Content

  • Maximized ROI for Spotify through a content lifecycle and production assets beyond just the live stream

  • 5th most viewed video on Spotify’s Instagram/IGTV, and 2nd most engaged video (comments)

  • 140,000 views across Facebook and Twitter

The Final Numbers 

  • reached over 1 billion streams on Spotify

  • No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with “Free Spirit”

  • First R&B album to reach no. 1 on Billboard in a year

Mobile devices featured with social posts from spotify around the event with a close up image of Khalid's face