HGTV Product & CMS License

Multi-Product and CONNECT CMS Platform License with on-air display capabilities

Brother vs. Brother twitter poll and avatar wall


HGTV licensed Telescope’s Connect Live platform to drive social engagement and interactivity to their digital properties as well as real-time & social engagement to-air.

They enhanced their online experiences and brought multi-channel, real-time engagement to their programming through: Twitter Showdown visualizations, fan votes, social streams, UGC (user generated content) photo/video walls, tweets-to-air, real-time social polling, etc.

Rose Bowl parade commentators with comments to air
tweet to air over HGTV show
Fixer Upper Fan Vote


The Connect Live platform aggregated data from multiple sources into one easy-to-navigate user interface, and was used across various HGTV programs featuring multiple Telescope products.

Tweets-to-air: HGTV used Telescope’s CONNECT LIVE platform to curate and display Twitter conversations on-air.

HGTV launched a social campaign for their home improvement show Brother vs. Brother, which was integrated into their website and digital properties and featured the following CONNECT LIVE-powered products:

Showdown:  HGTV used our crowd-sourced polling visualization. Fans were able to vote by tweeting using the hashtag #TeamJonathan or #TeamDrew.

Fan Filter:  Our Fan Filter product was used to create a visual hub of curated social conversation and UGC (photos and videos) across Instagram and Twitter.  Fans could access the hub on the HGTV website.

Real-time social polling: Fans participated in Twitter polls during the episode broadcast.

Social Stream: Curated social conversations around the show’s two stars and designated hashtags.

Brother vs Brother twitter wall poll building


  • Visualized content to air

  • Engaged fans in real time

  • Yearly licensed allowed minimal time to spin up a new iteration of any product in their suite

  • Constant and varied digital experiences HGTV was able to access at any time in their licensed year.


The Rose Parade tweets-to-air product was a huge success and garnered the highest-ever social media traffic for HGTV

  • 1.96M viewers saw on-air tweets, making it the top-ranked cable program for the day, based on Twitter TV Unique Audience

  • #HGTVNewYear was a Top 10 Trending Topic throughout the day


 Shorty Awards Finalist Logo
  • Best Integration of Social Media with Live Television - HGTV All Premiere New Year

Fan Feed and Twitter Aggregator