Hyundai F.C. with Frank Lampard

For the launch of Hyundai FC season two, Chelsea fans across the country were invited to an exclusive virtual Q&A with legend Frank Lampard utilizing Telescope's Virtual Event Hub product.

host laura woods Hyundai FC virtual hub


Following the success of Hyundai FC season 1 where training sessions were offered to over 200 players, Hyundai turned to Telescope to help kick off season 2 with an exclusive virtual Q&A with Blues' manager and former player, Frank Lampard. Hosted by Sky Sports presenter Laura Woods, eleven lucky kids from each club part of the programme were remotely brought in to the live stream and was given an exciting opportunity to ask Frank Lampard questions they've been dying to know from the Football manager. As fans and players were introduced to the second season of the programme, they also were able to get to the bottom of "Messi or Ronaldo" or even discover Lampard's dream seven-aside team.

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 Hyundai FC virtual hub
 Frank Lampard Q&A)


Upon login page, users were prompted to enter a unique access code that was provided to them prior to the event. Once they passed the gated entrance and users entered the virtual event, they were presented with a 60 minute live broadcast featuring host Laura Woods, Frank Lampard, coaches and lucky children selected to propose questions. Talents and children across the country were successfully brought together remotely via live stream. Additionally, fans who were watching this programme at home had the ability to use the chat feature easily located next to the live stream which further enhanced user interactivity and engagement.

The selected children then experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask Frank Lampard questions and get the inside scoop from the manager himself.

kids and Virtual Q&A with Frank Lampard


  • Telescope's Virtual Event Hub product served as a destination page for Chelsea fans everywhere to engage in an exclusive event like never before

  • Gated login that required a unique code ensured privacy and gave a VIP feel for users

  • 15 contributors were successfully brought in remotely from various locations to one live stream

  • Q&A with Frank Lampard allowed children to connect with him virtually and acquire answers to their impending questions

  • Live chat feature allowed Chelsea fans to participate and interact with other fans as well as ask coaches questions