“It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” Bingo

Lifetime released a series of 30 never-before-seen holiday movies as part of the holiday themed programming and partnered with Telescope to create a dynamic play along Bingo game and Instant Win Sweepstakes for their devoted at home viewers.


Lifetime Bingo App with on-air CTA


Telescope created the themed holiday Bingo Game that was composed of various movie moments unique to each film (instead traditional Bingo numbers).  By giving the player new opportunities to win each movie as well as fresh content, at-home viewers had clear incentive to not only tune in to each of the new holiday films but login for a new chance to win each time.

Lifetime asked viewers to “watch & play along” via on-air and social media calls to action. Viewers were asked to go to the Lifetime site, sign up and get their personal card to play along by matching movie moments they saw occurring in the film with phrases on their bingo card. The Lifetime Bingo application also included an instant win game component. The application ran for two months to maximize viewership for the life of the entire holiday season.

Lifetime Bingo app in mobile view with Bingo card
Bingo CTA with ornament
ON-air CTA to play Lifetime Bingo


Each user received a unique Bingo card that they were able to play along with throughout the holiday season. Users would go to to get their card, watch the movies on Lifetime, and if any of their phrases on the card matched the movie they could click that card piece in hopes of eventually getting Bingo! The site was optimized for swipe up functionality on Instagram, so Lifetime was not only able to promote the game on their social but specifically embed the experience in their Instagram account for a low drop rate within the social platform.

Bingo cards in mobile and desktop view as well as a winning card


  • Site was optimized for Instagram Swipe Up playability

  • Flexible key art and movie specific customizations for each movie

  • Consistent fresh movie specific Bingo content to encourage viewership and returning Bingo players for the life of the campaign.

  • Instant win to satisfy immediate ‘pay off’ for players and keep the user aware that even if they didn’t win today, tomorrow is a new opportunity.


The game was a massive success based both on the strong rate of returning players from day to day as well as the with healthy and consistent state of growth throughout. Specifically, the game saw over 1,028% login growth rate between the first day of the game to the peak day of participation (Thanksgiving Day).

Social CTAs on Instagram and Facebook to play the Bingo game