La Banda On-Site Audition & In-Show Real Time Vote

La Banda, Univision’s boyband competition show, turned to Telescope to power multiple phases of voting including a week of real-time auditions in South Beach Miami.

Four vote contestants on the La Banda vote site


For two seasons, Univision ran a search for the next, great latin boy band. Telescope helped provide a multi-phased approach to let music enthusiasts assemble these bands. The first stage was a week of real time voting on South Beach in Miami, Florida. Telescope worked with Univision to build a custom application that let 500 lucky fans vote for one contestant at a time. A massive stage with a glass box where the judges sat was built on the beach and allowed contestants to strut their stuff and answer questions in hopes that the audience (for of teen girls) would vote "yes" to them into the glass box to audition for the judges. The audience had to give the contestant an overall 75% approval rating prior to them auditioning. Contestants that got the 75% approval rating, auditioned in front of the judges, and were given at least two yeses by the judges moved on to become a contestant on the main show.

During the main show competition, the audience narrowed down the contestants to 5 lucky members to be apart members of the next latin band. Univision let fans vote via SMS, Toll-Free, and online voting via a number of Telescope's products. The first season created the award-winning band CNCO and the second season formed the band MIX5.

Contestant Richard Camacho
 someone voting through their phone
 post voting and sharing on Facebook


Phase 1 - Auditions: 500 lucky fans got to vote in real-time via Telescope's custom application. A user was provided their own unique code at check-in before the start of the event to log into the web application. The user logged in with their own mobile device, provided their name, email, age, and could opt into marketing alerts from La Banda and Univision. Fans were then brought to the beach and massive stage where they could approve or deny contestants, with a simple "no" or "yes", the chance to audition. Each vote lasted 45 seconds and results were calculated within seconds of the vote closing to give real time results in venue. Results were then displayed as a percentage on a big screen above the stage. Telescope provided on-site support for the voting application and voting happened over a seven day period.

Phase 2 - Show Voting: Once the judges approved contestants from the auditions they got to move onto the main show. The main show was a weekly singing competition where contestants were vying for the audience vote to get one of the coveted spots in La Banda. Fans could login via Facebook and email to vote online, vote via SMS, or call-in their vote via Toll-Free.

Screenshots of the online La Banda Vote


  • The unique code was invalid after it was utilized once and added an entry gate to stop users who were not at the event from participating.

  • Real-time votes were processed and displayed in in near real time.

  • Over 160 contestants attempted to audition over the week.

  • The application worked flawlessly in a high density location on the beaches of Miami.

  • In show voting was secure and validated via Telescope's award winning platform.