LEGO Live Play Day Experience

Nickelodeon and LEGO opened their virtual doors to an immersive Live Play Day online experience with the help from Telescope's virtual event, live streaming and play along solutions.

lego landing page


Nickelodeon and LEGO launched their Live Play Day with LEGO® City and LEGO® Friends for kids to come together and engage in fun-filled activities. To successfully build out an immersive event all while promoting LEGO's (city and friends) product lines, Nickelodeon, LEGO and Viacom joined forces with Telescope to build out their Live Play Day hub utilizing our Virtual Event Hub product, along with powering the Play Day live stream that leveraged real-time trivia and passion meter . From beginning to end, kids of all ages had an activity perfectly catered to them whether that was watching fun content, partake in a LEGO character quiz, download coloring pages, play along to a live stream and more!

 Live Stream Triple Play
 hub video gallery


The Live Play Day hub launched a day prior to Nickelodeon and LEGO's main live stream event, allowing users to engage early with opportunities throughout the hub. The home page consisted of a video gallery, fun downloadable content, shop page (with an adult only age gate) and a LEGO Character Quiz aka Telescope's InQuizator product. The LEGO Character Quiz enabled users to answer a set number of questions which resulted in the reveal of which LEGO character they most related to. With their result image, users then had the option to set it as their background theme giving each user's hub a touch of custom personalization.

The Play Day live stream was streamed to the hub with additional play along elements. While viewers tuned in to the live stream, they had the ability to answer fun trivia questions and gauge the passion meter directly below the video. Post-stream, the video lived on the 'live streaming' page of the hub, allowing kids to re-watch or share with others.

inquizator results and live stream passion meter


Virtual Event Hub : A custom fully branded hub filled with fun engagement activities for users whether that be watching a variety of video content, shop product lines, download coloring pages, take a character test, engage in Play Day live streaming, and more.

Live Streaming with Play Along: Play Day was streamed within the hub, creating an additional way users could engage with LEGO content. During the live stream, viewers could play along while watching by answering fun trivia and gauge the passion meter, which further increased audience retention.

InQuizator : 'Character Quiz' enabled users to take a fun personality quiz that matched them with their own LEGO character, based on their answers. The results page showcased user's results as well as other character outcomes.

Although mainly catered to kids, 'Explore Sets' page was intended for parents and guardians who wanted to purchase LEGO products. When proceeding to purchase, users were presented with a "age gate" modal to confirm DOB before continuing to LEGO's ecommerce site.