Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” Live In-Show Polling

A&E Networks utilized Telescope's Easy Poll product to provide a weekly poll for Lifetime's Married at First Sight fans.

Married at First Sight


A&E Networks licensed Telescope's Easy Poll product via their Campaign Manager CMS platform to create a weekly poll for Married at First Sight fans. Every Wednesday during the season, Lifetime engaged their MAFS viewers with a poll to get all the opinions. The live poll results were revealed later in the show or during the “Married at First Sight After Party” on the same night.

MAFS Poll Open
MAFS Poll Closed
MAFS After Party Promo


  • Telescope managed the poll set-up and scheduling the weekly polls for 29 weeks.

  • One poll question was raised per week. Polls included between 3-5 answer options. During some weeks the poll featured images with the answer options, while other weeks included text-only answers.

  • Users registered their email address to participate (one-time registration) and there was a limit of 1 answer per user per poll.

  • Live polling was open only during the ET/CT/MT broadcast.

  • This was a non-impact poll (doesn’t affect the outcome of the show), so the poll was purely for audience entertainment and served as conversation topic in the “MAFS After Party” episodes.

  • Answers were not revealed on the poll itself. Instead, Lifetime used the Broadcast URL API to display the poll results on-air during the show or during the MAFS Afterparty after-show throughout the season, so viewers are incentivized to keep watching.


  • Full end-to-end campaign support/white glove service

  • Weekly night-of support for every episode

  • Live polling with real-time results

  • Broadcasted results on air


  • Included 28 weeks of polls

  • Resulted in a 23% opt-in rate

  • 32% of unique visitors participated in the poll two or more times throughout the campaign

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