Bon Jovi's Opening Act Contest

In partnership with Live Nation, we gave local bands the chance to be the opening act in their hometown for the latest North American Tour. The campaign increased awareness and ticket sales for Bon Jovi’s world tour and created buzz on social media.

Bon Jovi Contest Poster and call to Submit Your Video to be considered as an Opening Act


Together with Live Nation, we launched Bon Jovi’s Opening Act Contest. Bands and artists filled out the uploader form and picked from the hometown tour date they wanted to audition for. They then uploaded a video of an original song. Once the video was submitted, Live Nation approved the videos in Connect Moderation and these videos appeared in the gallery.

Users could also view the Fan Feed gallery of the approved videos that were submitted and filter by tour date. Users were encouraged to share and like the videos and Live Nation/Bon Jovi determined who would open during Bon Jovi’s North American Tour.

Bon Jovi at computer
Bon Jovi performing in front of huge stadium crowd
Local news station coverage of local band opening for Bon Jovi


Bands simply uploaded an audition video of them playing and selected their desired concert location. Live Nation moderated all submissions and approved the top videos to appear in the Fan Feed gallery. Bands were notified and encouraged to share and promote their video from the gallery to gain as many likes as they could. Winners were picked from a selection of the most liked videos.

Opening Act contest Poster and fan feed of various band's video up for consideration


Uploader : gave fans an easy and seamless method to submit their band video for a chance to open up for one of Bon Jovi's shows.

Fan Feed : showcased (moderation approved) band submission videos across the country, enabling users to view other fans' submissions.


Fans from across the nation uploaded hundreds of thousands of videos driving massive participation and reach.

Wall of band videos up for consideration as well as the form to upload your video and band info