AMA's Megan Thee Stallion Exclusive Meet & Greet via Facebook Messenger Room

During the 2020 AMA's rehearsals, Megan Thee Stallion invited a few of her biggest fans to her exclusive meet & greet via Facebook's newly launched Messenger Rooms feature.

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Each year, the AMA's features the best of the best artists across various award categories. Megan Thee Stallion, who was nominated for multiple awards and took home a win for "Favorite Song Rap/ Hip-Hop" this year, gave a few of her biggest fans an unforgettable encounter by inviting them to an exclusive virtual meet & greet utilizing Facebook's newly launched feature, Messenger Rooms. Telescope helped power this one-of-a-kind event by facilitating, producing and recording the entirety of this VIP experience to seamlessly allow Megan Thee Stallion connect with her fans virtually and safely during the on-going pandemic.

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Six lucky fans were selected to join Megan Thee Stallion's VIP Meet & Greet during the rehearsals of the 2020 AMAs. Facebook Messenger Room allowed Megan and her fans to remotely come together and get to know one another in an exclusive virtual environment. During the meet & greet, fans had the opportunity to introduce themselves and ask Megan Thee Stallion any questions they had for her. To successfully capture this unique experience, multiple cameras and audio were set up and provided by Telescope to ensure talent and fans were able to experience a seamless virtual meet up.

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  • Telescope successfully facilitated, produced, tested, and recorded this virtual exclusive meet & greet alongside partners Dick Clark Productions and Facebook

  • Gave fans a great opportunity to connect with their favorite artist through an virtual environment while engaging in an intimate and unique Q&A

  • A clip of this virtual event aired live during the AMAs and multiple cut down reels were shared across Megan & FB Messenger's social platforms


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