MTV Movie & Television Awards

To help raise awareness and buzz around the upcoming show, MTV engaged fans in a large scale vote to help determine the winners in each category resulting in increased fan engagement and viewership.

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Telescope has powered MTV’s VMA voting since its online launch in 2007. In 2019, voting was kicked into high gear with voice-activated voting via Alexa, daily “power hour” boosted votes, and a battle royale via Twitter hashtag in show to decide Best New Artist Category.

Utilizing Telescope’s Socialize Product, MTV gave fans the opportunity to unlock exclusive content, while also increasing social awareness surrounding the show. The MTV Movie Awards encouraged fans to tweet #FrontRowUnleashed to get access to extra camera angles. As the number of tweets were tracked, our Socialize product visualized the real-time status of the fans’ Twitter activity. Once the hashtag reached 100%, fans could watch the never-before-seen views from the red carpet and inside the show.

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Utilizing a customized online vote product , Telescope supported 14 categories for the 2019 VMAs. In addition, Telescope introduced two new voting elements this year. First, by allowing fans to interactively vote via the MTV Alexa Skill . And secondly, through daily “power hours” which doubled the online vote limit from 10 to 20 for 1 key hour a day.  This not only created social campaign awareness on a daily basis but rewarded the at home user for their key engagement.

And finally, to continue the vote into the live broadcast, MTV utilized our Twitter Vote product to allow the at-home viewer to make the final call between the top 2 remaining Best New Artist finalists and then reveal the final winner live in show.

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As usual, users were able to use a Twitter, Google or Email login.

A new feature (and managed by MTV directly) enabled users to vote by sending @MTVAwards a direct message on Twitter and Facebook Messenger and follow the on-screen instructions. Users who voted in all the categories got a shareable "I Voted" badge and unlocked a quiz to test Movie Award knowledge as well as a meme generator to share memes with friends. 


  • The MTV Movie Awards hit #1 for the Nielsen Twitter Rankings that week, with fans tweeting almost half a million times.

  • The socialize app created a visually rich experience in real-time, merging crowd source activity with premium content.

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