Nala the Cat Messenger Experiences


Nala Cat, a 7-year-old, blue-eyed Siamese mix, is a former shelter cat with one of the biggest followings on Facebook (2.5 million) and Instagram (3.5 million). Nala has also recently landed her very own Facebook Watch show which captures the cutest and silliest parts of her everyday life.

Nala Cat Facebook Watch


To help drive awareness of the new Facebook Watch show, as well as provide some engaging experiences and content for Nala’s fans, Telescope created a custom Facebook Messenger product bundle, which included:

Nala Cat’s 5 Question Trivia Quiz – Nala’s followers can take this fun quiz directly on messenger and really show off their knowledge about Nala and cats in general

Nala Cat’s Merchandise Carousel – displays all Nala branded products available for purchase

Nala Cat’s Watch video experience to see behind the scenes bloopers and clips from the show – great additional content for super fans

Fan uploader and Poll – fans can submit photos or video (UGC) via messenger and Nala Cat will pick her favorites and put them up for vote in a fan poll

Messenger Meme Maker – fans can make memes and the favorites will be featured on Nala’s social pages