Narcos Season 3 Trailer Premiere Live Streaming

Full Production Facebook Live Streaming with Trivia Graphics

Narcos season 3 actors promo shot


Netflix utilized Telescope’s Live Studio to promote the 3rd season of Narcos on Facebook Live. Telescope provided full production of the event, which took place in front of Grand Central Station in NYC.  Featuring Narcos actor Arturo Castro and Frazier Tharpe from Complex News, the interactive stream included an interview with Arturo, the premiere of the Season 3 trailer, and fan trivia.

FB Live stream countdown timer
Screen shot of Narcos Season 3 trailer
Interviewer and actor sitting outside with bar graph showing audience answers and percentages


Full production:  Telescope provided production equipment, staff, and the Live Studio platform

Live Stream: The event streamed live on Facebook.   A countdown timer leading up to the event  built momentum prior to the start of the interview.  Trivia questions were incorporated into the live stream.  Telescope’s Hashtag Polling and graphics were used to gather and display real-time responses to the trivia questions.

FB Live stream interviewer and actor with on-screen graphics showing questions and audience answers


Full production: Telescope produced the full event, providing the necessary equipment, staff

Live stream: Facebook live streaming utilized Live Studio with an added countdown feature before the start of the event. Hashtag Polling was used to display graphics of the trivia responses in real time.