NASA Super Blood Moon Photo Contest

UGC photo uploader with moderated gallery and share-to-vote mechanic

Super Blood Moon photo gallery landing page


NASA wanted to drive engagement, participation and buzz around the very rare and timely Super Blood Moon.  They invited stargazers around the globe to participate in their photo contest which was powered by Telescope.

The two-phase campaign utilized multiple Telescope products, including a photo uploader, moderated photo gallery, and share-to-vote mechanic.

Blood moon over mountains
Airplane shadow over blood moon
Blood moon with heavy fog


Uploader: For the first phase of the campaign, participants visited the NASA website and utilized Telescope’s Uploader product to submit their photos of the Super Blood Moon.

 Fan Feed: Select images were approved and displayed in a Fan Feed Gallery on the NASA website to show the Super Blood Moon around the world.

Share to Vote: For the second phase of the campaign, NASA selected 6 finalist photos out of 8,000+ submissions.  Voters could then share the photos to their Facebook timeline using #SuperBloodMoon to vote for their favorite. Each share counted as one validated vote.

The image with the most shares won the contest and was featured on NASA’s website and Social Media accounts.

Blood Moon Contest Submission form and NASA facebook social post


  • Uploader: User-generated photo upload

  • Fan Feed: Photo submissions were moderated and select images were approved for display in a gallery

  • Share to vote: Users voted by sharing images to Facebook timeline using the designated hashtag