NASA #SuperBloodMoon Photo Contest


NASA wanted to drive engagement, participation and buzz around the very rare and timely Super Blood Moon. The campaign also aimed to channel the chatter around the eclipse on NASA’s Facebook pages.


Telescope powered NASA’s #SuperBloodMoon photo contest. This two-phase campaign used multiple Telescope products. For the first phase, users utilized the Uploader product to submit their photos of the Super Blood Moon, and then select images were approved for display in a Fan Filter Gallery. The Fan Filter was updated in real-time as submissions were uploaded on NASA’s page.

In the second phase, NASA selected 6 finalists. Fans voted on their favorite picture of the #SuperBloodMoon using Telescope’s Share to Vote product. To cast their vote, fans shared their favorite image to their Facebook timeline. Each Facebook share counted as one vote, and the image with the most shares won the contest.


After receiving over 8,000 submissions, six finalists were selected. These final six images were voted on by the public, and Casey Davis was crowned the winner.

“I was in my backyard with my wife and two children, enjoying the night and periodically snapped pictures. After about 45 minutes I went to check my work. I was shocked to see that I had snapped a once in a lifetime picture of a plane in the super blood moon. My wife and I were in disbelief! I am a novice photographer who likes to take photos as a hobby. I never expected for any of my work to have this kind of response.”
-Casey Davis, Winner of NASA #SuperBloodMoon Photo Contest