Maury Show & Steve Wilkos Show SMS Campaigns

SMS Connect License for NBC's daytime syndicated shows

Instructions on why and how to text in to Maury Show to be a guest on the show


Telescope launched an ongoing SMS campaign for The Maury Show, a division of NBCU. Fans of the show could text in a keyword and their story for a chance to be featured on the show. Every hour we posted the entries to the Maury Show so that the producers could call back the best candidates to appear on the show.

We replicated this SMS experience for the Steve Wilkos Show. Fans could text in 1 of 4 keywords and a follow up message would ask for their name and story. Producers reviewed the messages daily to source “talent” and find new stories for the show.

Steve Wilkos ad with text short code and questions for potential show guests
Facebook video with Maury Povich and text short code prompt


Fans of the Maury Show and the Steve Wilkos Show texted in the promoted keyword(s) along with their story for a chance to appear as a guest on the show.

Telescope sent the text entries to the show producers who could review entries and contact the users for the chance to appear on the show.

The Maury Show revealing results of DNA test and in show promo with text call out


SMS Connect: Users texted the keyword to the short code and included their story to be considered to appear as a guest on the show. Producers could review entries via the Connect platform to choose potential future guests and stories.