Official Oscars Prediction Ballot with Leaderboard

On behalf of the Academy Awards and ABC, Telescope developed a second screen play along site that allowed users to cast their predictions for the winner of each category of the OSCARS. Once the show went live, users could return to see how they performed compared to their friends via the real-time Leaderboard.

Oscar Challenge Ballot landing page


Just after the official announcement of Oscar nominees for the year, movie fans were encouraged to visit The Oscars website to create their personal awards ballot. In addition, users were given the option to not only lay along but potentially win prizes by being entered into a sweepstakes where the correct answer made all the difference. Once the show began, users could return and view their ballot update in real-time as well as compare their overall score to their Facebook friends on the real-time Leaderboard.

Oscar Ballot with selection marked prior to show reveals
The Occars Challenge Poster
Closed Ballot with winners marked and your final score


Prediction: Fans and movie critics alike were able to cast their predictions for each of the 24 Academy Award categories. Users could change their Oscars ballot predictions as many times as they wanted until the ballot locked at the beginning of the Oscars broadcast. Fans also had the opportunity to enter into a sweepstakes where they could win one grand prize, a runner-up prize, or one of 24 category prizes based on who made the most correct predictions.

Participants logged in using Facebook. The campaign included a sweepstakes incentive that encouraged participation - users were entered to win a chance to attend the Academy Awards and other prizes.

Leaderboard: Results were filtered into a leaderboard that allowed participants to compare their results against any of their Facebook friends who were also playing The Oscar Challenge.

Users could log-in and after accepting app permissions and challenge their friends from Facebook. Any Friends a user challenged would appear in the user's Leaderboard. A component in the leaderboard was built so that after a user refreshed or logged out and back in, they could see any and all new friends that had recently also accepted app permissions and began to play the game.

Felecting your friends to play against and the real time leaderboardriends leaderaboard


Leaderboard and prediction application:

  • Ability to predict winners in various categories and return once the show had begun to see how you performed in your predictions.

  • Sweepstakes entries for both wide participation but also individual correct answers in each category.

  • Interactive gamification element to compare friends' scores and rankings during the event in real time as the show progressed.