Pure Storage uPic & Fan Feed

Pure//Accelerate Digital, a month-long virtual conference focused on creating business breakthroughs, put a spotlight on real-world tech "superheroes" and engaged their audience with Telescope's unique content creation and display products.


superhero photobooth upic


From technology leaders to experts to visionaries all around the world, Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021 brought these everyday tech "superheroes" together to share key insights and best practices with the goal of informing the audience about new ways to harness the power of data. To deliver 'breakthrough' engagement with users everywhere, Pure Storage and Wilson Dow turned to Telescope to utilize our content creation products, Fan Feed aka "Pure//Accelerate Social Feed" and uPic aka "Superhero Photo Booth", to help launch this digital event with a 'bang'. Users had a chance to tune-in to guest speakers and panel discussions, partake in creating their own superhero photo with fun 'breakthrough' filters and even scroll through curated social content (as well as approved superhero photo creations) pulled from users' social platforms surrounding the topic of this event.

 Fan Feed
 Fan Feed Content Pop Up
 Superhero uPic confirm superhero name page


After registering and signing in to the Pure//Accelerate Digital Virtual Event, users were presented with a superhero-themed landing page that showcased featured speakers, list of panel discussions, interactive Superhero Photo Booth and Social Feed.

Superhero Photo Booth (uPic): Once users clicked into the 'Superhero Photo Booth', they had the ability to upload a photo of themselves and choose a 'breakthrough' filter of their choice. The user could then use various editing tools (i.e. scale, rotate, contrast, brighten, etc.) to fit their photo perfectly within the filter, enabling them to create their 'Superhero Avatar'.

Pure//Accelerate Social Feed (Fan Feed): Users who posted on their social platforms using the event hashtag #PureAccelerate, the words 'Pure' and/or 'Accelerate', or @ mentioned Pure Storage, had an opportunity to have their posts be showcased within this feed. Moderators approved each post to be displayed on the Social Feed as well as user's Superhero image creations.

upic superhero avatar photo booth and fan feed posts


  • uPic: A fun content creation tool that allowed users to create their own Superhero filtered avatar image using their own photo. Enhanced promotion of the event with the ability to share the created image to users own social platforms.

  • Fan Feed: Users were able to view curated social posts surrounding the topic of this event. The moderation tool enabled the best and most relatable content (as well as Superhero Photo Booth images) to be pulled into the feed, always keeping it fresh and current throughout the entire length of the conference.