Comic Relief's Red Nose Day

Multi-channel donation mechanic and management, live stream to Facebook, and UGC interactivity

Red Nose Day - celebrities wearing red noses


For four years in a row, Telescope partnered with Comic Relief for their Red Nose Day campaign. The mission of the campaign is to lift kids out of poverty, raise awareness & money to help kids who need it the most, both at home & around the world.

Telescope oversaw the donation mechanics, managed all donation methods and provided the design and front end development for the online donation mechanism – our solutions made donating through toll-free, premium SMS, and online simple and easy for users.

Additionally, we produced and powered Facebook live streaming for multiple events and celebrity promos surrounding the campaign, as well as the live stream of the NBC fundraising telethon.

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Multi-channel donation management: Telescope managed the vendors who provided the donation mechanisms via Toll-free, Online, and Premium SMS. Users who wished to donate could call the toll-free phone lines, text a keyword to the shortcode or log on to the website.

Online front-end development:  While RND has a year-round online donation system, for the actual night of the show it’s key to have high capacity and a design which is focused on quick and easy donation. For three years, Telescope was responsible for the online donation design and implementation for the front-end, and we integrated with the company handling the backend processing with banks/PayPal.

Full production:  Telescope provided staff and equipment for a number of promotional live stream events around Red Nose Day.

Live Streaming:  Using Telescope’s Live Studio platform, we streamed multiple live events to Facebook along with pre-recorded celebrity promos for donation-matching events to drive awareness and raise funds leading up to the Red Nose Day telethon on NBC.  Additionally, on the night of the NBC Red Nose Day telethon  we streamed the broadcast live to multiple Facebook pages which integrated the FB donation feature.

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  • Multi-channel donation management: Management of all vendors and donation mechanics around the live NBC telethon.

  • Online front-end development: Design and high-capacity development of front-end donation mechanic and integration with back-end payment processing systems.

  • Full production: Provided all staff and equipment for live stream events to Facebook around the Red Nose Day campaign.

  • Live Stream: Powered multiple live streams to Facebook leading up to the NBC broadcast, including several simultaneous streams of the live telethon event.


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  • Live Events - Red Nose Day

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