Salesforce Dreamforce Social Engagements

Salesforce extended their annual in-person Dreamforce conference to the digital world, enabling trailblazers from all over the world to attend and engage in Telescope's real-time interactivity solutions.

live stream poll with mobile tweet


Dreamforce is an annual tech conference led by Salesforce that connects and engages trailblazers from all around the world to learn together, have fun and give back. Normally an in-person conference, Salesforce pivoted to the hybrid approach in 2021, opening their doors simultaneously to both in-person and virtual attendees. To connect global attendees on a deeper level, Salesforce and Twitter turned to Telescope to leverage our real-time digital & social engagement solutions. Throughout the 3-day event, our Social Wall, Tweets and Polls to air, and custom created QR codes were utilized during the live conference segments to create a whole new Dreamforce experience for attendees, right at their fingertips.

 dreamforce social wall
 dreamforce QR code
 Dreamforce Tweet to air


Individuals had the ability to attend the conference virtually through Salesforce's streaming platform, Salesforce+. With 4 channels simultaneously streaming live content, users could watch hours of content for the entire duration of the multi-day conference. During these segments, attendees were further engaged through multiple methods powered by Telescope. For an instance, whether attendees were in-person at the event or tuning in from their homes, by tweeting about the event with the promoted hashtag #DF21, users had a chance to be featured on our cascading Twitter Social Wall that was showcased throughout the streams. Additionally, approved individual tweets with the hashtag #DF21 were also pushed to air giving lucky attendees their '15 minutes of fame'.

Polls were also pushed during the live segments, allowing users to share their opinion by tweeting their answer along with the promoted hashtag. Results were then pushed as an on-air graphic once users had some time to tweet their answers, displaying the correct answers as well as the percentage of each answer selected.

QR codes were also displayed on air and all attendees had to do was scan it with their phones which directed them to different destinations easily in a matter of seconds.

QR code scanning, result of scanning and Tweets


Social Wall: A fun and unique method to showcase users' tweets in real-time and an effective way to drive conversation across Twitter on all things #DF21

Tweets to Air: Displaying individual user Tweets throughout the live event not only awarded fans their '15 minutes of fame' but also enabled other users to tweet for a chance to get featured. This increased user engagement while driving event and brand awareness

Polls to Air: Twitter Polls were utilized to engage audiences in real time but also enhanced audience retention as users continued to tune-in for the results via poll on-air graphic. They had the ability to see the correct answer as well as the percentages of each answer selected by users who played along with them

Custom QR codes: Gave attendees easy access to the 4 channels' platforms throughout the event - all with just scanning via a phone