Sirius XM Dial Up the Moment Sweepstakes

Multi-channel interactive experience with personalized recommendation and online sweepstakes with instant win feature

Dial Up The Moment promotion image with toll free number to call


Telescope partnered with satellite radio company Sirius XM and their agency Zeno Group to power their Dial-Up The Moment campaign – an interactive experience that provided Sirius XM channel recommendations to users in the US and Canada.

Users participated by calling a toll-free hotline or via SMS and were guided through a choose-your-own-adventure experience by answering questions to reveal the caller’s perfect Sirius XM channel match.  Following the experience, participants were able to enter into an online sweepstake with an added instant win digital Scratcher component.


Toll-free:   Users dialed the toll-free hotline and were guided through a choose-your-own-adventure experience with Sirius XM hosts like, Andy Cohen, Jenny McCarthy, the Morning Mash Up Crew, Chris Russo, and Nikki Glaser. Using their phone keypad, callers answered a series of questions to determine their perfect Sirius XM channel match. At the end of the experience, callers were presented with an audio snippet of their recommended channel, and also had the opportunity to enter into an online sweepstakes.

SMS (standard rate text message): Users texted the keyword to a short code to initiate the choose-your-own-adventure experience. They were guided through a series of questions via text and were presented with a URL link to hear a sample of their perfect channel match as well as enter into the sweepstakes.

Online Sweepstakes:   To enter the sweepstakes, users visited the Sirius XM website and filled out the sweepstakes form to be entered to win a grand prize New Year’s Eve experience in NYC. Upon submitting their entry, users were presented with a digital Scratcher for a chance to win one of many instant prizes.

SiriusXM Canada users were able to enjoy the same interactive experience on the toll-free hotline as users in the US (with a few different channel matches).   The text messaging experience, however, was not available in Canada. The online sweepstakes functioned the same, but offered different Scratcher instant win prizes.

Dial Up The Moment promo with sweepstakes form and instant win scratcher


  • Toll-free: Interactive phone experience using touchpad to answer questions and receive a channel match  and audio snippet

  • SMS: Interactive text experience to answer questions to receive a URL Link to a channel match and audio snippet

  • Sweepstakes: Sweepstakes grand prize entry form with additional Scratcher instant win component – click/swipe the screen to reveal if you’re a winner