Blink-182’s Nine Encores Live Stream Concert with Spotify

Spotify's livestream of Blink-182's exclusive Brooklyn basement concert kicking off the release of 8th studio album, NINE, featuring all their most famous "encore" songs.

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In September of 2019, Blink-182 released their eighth studio album entitled NINE. To launch the new album, Blink-182 teamed up with Spotify to provide a once in a lifetime experience for die-hard fans. An intimate concert experience streamed live via Facebook and Instagram for fans around the world to enjoy.

Blink-182 didn’t want to livestream just any concert, they wanted to give their fans a show that would never be forgotten. The band played their nine most-streamed songs from the Spotify platform, while the setlist also included a new song from the forth coming album. From the moment the band walked onto the stage, to the last song of the evening, the energy was electric, both at the venue and on the live streams. The nostalgic event gave both fans at the venue and at home the chance to watch their favorite band play nine encore worthy songs and get a sneak peek of Blink’s new album NINE.

Tom DeLonge singing
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On September 19, 2019 at 9:05pm ET, Blink-182 played an exclusive Spotify one night only, encore-only show to an intimate crowd at the iconic punk venue Saint Vitus in Brooklyn. The show titled “NINE Encores” was announced just a few days ahead of the event and was an opportunity of a lifetime for some of Blink-182’s fans to be up close and personal with the band they have loved for nearly two decades. But for those unable to make it to Brooklyn or swing the much coveted ticket, the Facebook Live and Instagram’s IGTV experience was an amazing opportunity to witness the band play their top 9 “encore-worthy” hits back to back as well as feature a new song from the forthcoming album. Spotify and Telescope handled not only the streaming, but all production and graphics involved with the shoot, as well as some additional promo materials.

The iconic setlist made up of Blinks most-streamed songs from Spotify was such a hit, Blink released an exclusive EP of the show on Spotify as a digital-only release. The EP is a collection of nine of Blink’s most successful songs from the band’s entire discography, including "Buddah to California".

The band took to Instagram right before the show to let fans know how to tune in via Facebook Live or simply “swipe up” on IG to access the real-time show via the FB webview. The band then replayed the concert via their IGTV channel as an “encore” performance the next day. Spotify took to the streets, Time Square to be precise, with a massive billboard takeover letting fans know how to tune-in that evening as well.

Feeling This song played & Instagram promo


  • Full Production Services: Telescope assisted with the full production of the stream including: multi-cameras to capture action-filled moments from different angles, creative scripting, and graphics creation.

  • Multi-Streaming: Blink-182's stream was streamed on both their Facebook page as well as Instagram live for maximum audience reach.

  • Creation of additional content for promos.


24 hours after the stream :

  • New Page Followers: 1,760

  • New Page Likes: 1,372

Page Views :

  • Day before the stream: 5k page views

  • Day of stream: 22k page views

  • Day after stream (album release): 13k page views













Mark Hoppus promo & behind the scene camera