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The Masked Singer is not your average competition show. Stacked with a star-studded cast, contestants face off in a singing competition every week. There’s just one major twist… Each singer is covered in elaborate costumes making their identities impossible to identify.

Knowing that America was bound to fall in love with this unique and downright hilarious new format – it was vital to create a place for fans to visit and contribute to the Masked Singer conversation (and revel in the craziness).


Prior to the show launching, FOX turned to Telescope to build an interactive and engaging social hub. Within the hub, fans are able to watch video clues, predict who they think is the Masked Singer of the week, and stay up to date with a leaderboard of the top predictions.

The social hub also features a curated social visualization of fan content from Facebook and Twitter. Here, fans and judges can share their Masked Singer reactions in real-time. Establishing yet another outlet for fans to share their excitement around the show.

[The] biggest audience for unscripted show premiere on television in the last seven years


…the highest-rated show in primetime…

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The Masked Singer - Social Hub


The Masked Singer - Social Hub