The Olympics and Coca-Cola's 'I Belong Here' Fan Experience

For the long-awaited Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the IOC & Coca-Cola launched their 'I Belong Here' digital hub that leveraged Telescope's play-along, UGC, and voting experiences to celebrate unity and diversity all while engaging audiences worldwide.

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After the pushback of the world's most watched international sporting event from 2020 to 2021 due to the global pandemic, the anticipation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was at an all time high. As the world was ready to once again join together in July 2021, the Olympics and Coca-Cola sought to build out a digital hub in promotion of their 'I Belong Here' global campaign, with the goal of creating an online destination where users from all around the world could come together and engage seamlessly during the live Olympic Games. To elevate engagement, the Olympics, Coca-Cola, and their agency Ogilvy, turned to Telescope to utilize a variety of our engagement tools including our customized Inquizator , social Fan Feed , and Category Vote which successfully came together as part of the immersive 'I Belong Here' hub.

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Throughout the duration of the Olympic Games, users worldwide had access to the 'I Belong Here' hub by navigating to the Olympics' website. Entering the hub, users were able to engage in various ways by clicking in to different interactive digital experiences (supported in 7 different languages) powered by Telescope.

'My Flag Belongs Here' utilized our customized InQuizator product in which users answered ten questions about themselves in relation to the Olympics that resulted in the reveal of one of the Olympic values (Respect, Friendship, Integrity, etc.) linked to their unique personalized flag - which all varied depending on the users' answers to each question. Post flag creation, users had the option to customize it further using emojis and stickers.

'My Story Belongs Here' and 'My Style Belongs Here' both utilized our Fan Feed product in which users' social content (that tagged Olympics and incorporated the promoted hashtag #IBelongHere) was aggregated and displayed in a feed, allowing users worldwide to connect and easily view real-time content from all around the world. Fans were encouraged to use a special 'My Story Belongs Here' filter while explaining why they belong here, and also get their creative juices flowing by recreating iconic Olympic moments.

'Living Olympic' enabled users to cast in their votes across six contestants (nominated by Team Coca-Cola Athletes) for who they believed most embodied the joint values of Coca‑Cola and the IOC over the last year. Users had the ability to vote once per day.

Each activation gave unique variations to how users could engage during the Olympics, catering seamlessly to user preferences, their native language, as well as across different generations.

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Inquizator : Gave users an opportunity to answer fun identity and Olympic based questions to reveal their Olympic pillar along with their unique flag. In addition, they had the ability to share their results and personal flag via Facebook or Twitter, further increasing campaign awareness and engagement

Fan Feed : A destination feed where users can scroll through other users' posts pulled from social platforms surrounding the topic of Olympics. Moderators had the ability to push approved user content in real-time, ensuring the best of the best content was featured

Category Vote : A fun method allowing users to vote across six contestants for their favorite Olympic 'hero'. Fans decided the winner and post-vote, winner was announced publicly

Language Support: The translation of 7 languages supported by Telescope enhanced the ability for everyone around the world to easily participate.